Membership in the Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club Incorporated
Membership in the MGMRCI shall be open to all National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) members residing in the middle of the state of Georgia who are interested in model railroading and meet the minimum requirements for membership as outlined herein. All new members must be acceptable to two thirds of all active members in the club for membership in the club.
Active Member Junior/Student Member Family member
An active member is a person, 18 years of age or older, who is current on monthly dues. An active member has all club rights and privileges including attending all business and other meetings and club functions. They may vote and hold elected office. A Junior/Student member is a person, 13 years of age to 17 years of age (in the case of a student, to 27 years of age), who is current on monthly dues. They may attend club meetings and functions, but they may not vote or hold office, unless over the age of 18 years. All Junior members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all club functions. The parent or guardian does not have to be a member. Students over the age of 18 do not require a parent or guardian. The immediate family of any active member in good standing may be enrolled if they would like to participate in club functions on a regular basis. Family members pay only half of the initiation fee and dues of an active member.
Benefits of Membership in the MGMRC
All active members are entitled to participate in operation of the layout, speaking and making motions at meetings, and participating in other functions of the club. Junior members and family members are entitled to participate in all club functions, except that junior members can not hold office or vote. Active members have the right to vote on matters before the membership, and to hold office. All members may serve on committees.
History of the MGMRC
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